A Special Message from our new OCDCC Chair, Michael Sarratt:

June 29, 2017 – At our general meeting on June 25, I was elected to the chair of the OCDCC by unanimous vote of the PCOs in attendance. Susan Swanson, our outgoing chair, has been a strong, energetic, and dynamic leader and has set a high standard. I feel honored by your confidence in my leadership and will strive hard to move us forward.

About Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee (OCDCC):

Politically, Washington State is divided into Counties, Legislative Districts (LDs), and Congressional Districts (CDs). This website has been setup and is maintained by the Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee (OCDCC).

The OCDCC General Membership is comprised of average folks who participate and volunteer some of our time to serve our country by serving the Democratic Party. To support the General Membership and insure the organization operates under the charter and bylaws of the Democratic Party of Washington State, there is an Executive Board of Officers serving as the governing body for the organization. Each Officer has been either publicly elected and/or appointed officials in their functions and roles. The voting body is comprised of elected and sometimes appointed Precinct Committee Officers, some of whom may or may not serve as an Officer.

The OCDCC may also appoint volunteers, from the General Membership, as Project Sub-Committee Leads, who spearhead various projects, activities and events that the OCDCC Executive Board and/or PCOs within the General Membership has targeted to accomplish for it’s General Membership’s and organization’s benefit.

The Executive Board, PCOs, Leads and entire General Membership of the OCDCC resides throughout all of Okanogan County, which is the 54th largest land mass county in the United States, located in the North Central area of the state, and has a population of approximately 40,000 (based on the last census data of 2014).

General Membership Meetings are public and open to any registered Democrat. We meet monthly and our members perform most of their work in subcommittees and local delegations, which are also open to public view by any registered Democrat.

Here are a number of areas within our purview (partial list):

  • Endorsements: We take positions on candidates and ballot-measures at the county and city level, including nonpartisan contests. We do interview all the candidates with an open mind, and come to our conclusions based on the merits of the situation. The integrity of this process has led to our endorsement as an increasingly credible measure of who the best candidate is, without undue favor to the personal relationships that may have come to undermine the quality of endorsees in decades past.
  • Resolutions: We take nonbinding positions on issues of relevance to the Democratic Party in the form of resolutions. These actions signal the body’s consensus opinion to our Party’s elected officials, who often may choose to allow the issue to take shape in the form of actual legislation.
  • Fundraising: The OCDCC has authority to raise contribution for operational costs, Democratic candidates and causes. We may host various activities, events, workshops or trainings as fundraisers.
  • Voter Communication: The OCDCC communicates directly with the county’s Democratic leaning electorate.
  • Party-Building Activity: OCDCC has an ongoing responsibility of communicating important policy issues to the county’s Democratic leaning electorate and continuing to add new registered voters to our Democratic ranks. Within an election cycle, the attention turns to “get out the vote” efforts to maximize electoral participation.
  • Executive Board and State Central Committeepersons and Executive Board: The OCDCC’s Executive Board, including the State Committeeman and Committeewoman, represents our county at higher levels of Party leadership, which, in turn, has the important responsibility of providing a local voice and input to those who create the State Party Platform, among other things.
  • Election Conduct: The Democratic Party has standing to enforce challenges to election-related conduct that would detriment one of our Party’s nominees. If ever an election were as close as that observed in 2000 in Florida, we would have the responsibility of protecting the rights of Democratic voters.

For more information on becoming Precinct Committee Officer in your neighborhood or a precinct that does not have a PCO, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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