Executive Board Officers

The Executive Board Officers support the Okanogan County Democratic Central Commission’s (OCDCC) General Membership and are comprised of the elected and appointed individuals serving in the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as several additional “focus-specific” Vice Chairs, the elected Precinct Committee Officers and sometimes the appointed Precinct Committee Officers.

There is also Member Volunteer Project Committee Leads who spearhead the efforts of volunteers on various projects that the Executive Board and/or General Membership have chosen to take on.

Finally, the OCDCC has Advisory Board Members who have previously served as Officers on the Executive Board and serve in an advisory capacity when needed.

Currently serving as elected and appointed officers for the OCDCC are:

NameTreasurer Role Bio
Michael Sarratt
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Keiki Stacy Weigle
Vice Chair
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C. Keiki Stacy Weigle
Acting Vice Chair – Technology and Social Media
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Vice Chair – Membership
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Harvey Moses Jr.
Acting State Committeeman
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Kirsten Williams
State Committeewoman
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Tom Cloud
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Valerie Sarratt
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