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OKDems hosts January Special Meeting with Community Groups in Tonasket

OKDEMS, PCOs and Members Hosts Community Groups in TONASKET
Submit agenda items by 01/06/2018. to okdemocrats.sec @ gmail . com (remove spaces).
New business
Old business
Good of the Order
Organization updates and announcements.
Nominations for Treasurer
Voter Registration
#FlipItBlue in #OkanoganCounty
FYI WAStateDems’ Maria Beltran would like to do a canvass event after the ResistForGOOD Indivisible We Shall March – Hear Our Voices event on 01/20/2018
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FYI the OKDems meeting is a lunch and dessert potluck unity celebration because all the various groups from those working toward public road access to environmental protection, from education to Marijuana legalization, from LGBTQ rights to Women’s rights, from DACA to Healthcare, from water rights to PAC, and from Indivisible groups to ROC and other geoups will be there…. The itinerary is loosely:
Noon Potluck Lunch
Introductions/Missions of County Activism Groups,
plus how OKDems can help each group and vice versa
1pmish OKDems Gen Meeting
2pmish Call for nominations, PCO Info and canvassing coordination post 1/20 march
3pm Dessert Potluck and Activism/Legislation calls to action coordination with OKDems and groups, as well as canvassing planning with Maria Beltran from WAState Dems post the We Shall March – Hear Our Voices event listed at and

Hold These 2018 Dates: March 24th & June 16th or

August 16, 2017

Democrats in Spokane County will gather on Saturday, March 24, 2018 for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternates to represent their legislative districts at the 2018 Washington State Democratic Party Convention to be held in Wenatchee, Washington.

The number of delegates and alternates to be selected from Spokane County are as follows:

3rd Legislative District: seven (7) delegates and three (3) alternates,
4th Legislative District: six (6) delegates and three (3) alternates,
6th Legislative District: eight (8) delegates and four (4) alternates,
7th Legislative District: one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate, and
9th Legislative District: one-half (1/2) delegate and zero (0) alternates.
The number of delegates and alternates are based on the number of votes received by Hillary Clinton & Jay Inslee during the 2016 general election.

The location of the meeting is to be determined. It will start at 10:00 am.

Also to be considered at the meeting are platform issues. The most recent platform for Spokane County Democrats was adopted in 2016 and may be viewed here.

The Washington State Democratic Party Convention will be held in Wenatchee, Washington on Saturday, June 16, 2018. The meeting will start at 10:00 am. Delegates and alternates elected statewide at local meetings are expected to attend.


September 14, 2017 At its meeting in South Seattle on September 10, 2017, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee adopted a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is for every Democrat, in every legislative district and county, and affiliated … Continue reading


Do you have a way with words and stay active in our county democratic membership organization? We’d love your help writing articles about what we’re working on, calls to action, legislation and local activities.

We also need Spanish speaking writers and translators who can help communicate and do outreach.

If interested, please contact us!

Get Registered to VOTE!

Democrats are committed to expanding access to our democracy because we believe everyone deserves a seat at the table. America is stronger when more people exercise their right to vote.

We’ve provided a new online app that makes it easy for new voters to register from their smartphone or computer, in English or Spanish!

Will you take one minute to forward this email to someone who you’d like to invite to register to vote?

Register to vote in English >>

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Maybe there’s a student in your life, someone who’s just become a citizen, someone who just moved or changed their name, or someone who’s had their voting rights restored after incarceration. With just a few clicks, you can help someone in your life have their voice heard, and have their vote count.

Will you take the Register Voters Challenge and e-mail this to a few folks you’d like to invite to register? And while you’re at it, post it on Facebook or Twitter! Let’s go register some new voters today!

Letter to Spokesman Review Endorses Susan Swanson & Karen Hardy!

We are so very proud of our candidates for State House and Senate, Susan Swanson and Karen Hardy!

Change in 7th District

It is time for a change to our representation in Olympia. We have an opportunity this November to replace our 7th Legislative District representative and senator. Our incumbents seem to place investors and corporations ahead of us and our neighbors.


September 14, 2017

At its meeting in South Seattle on September 10, 2017, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee adopted a Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is for every Democrat, in every legislative district and county, and affiliated organizations, in Washington. It’s in force now. It applies to ALL members of the Washington State Democratic Party and local organizations and affiliates.

The Rules Committee will focus on considering various operational aspects of the Code of Conduct and will work with State Party staff on training opportunities for local party organizations.

Please note that under the Code of Conduct, it not appropriate to have alcohol at business meetings of the State Central Committee, the State Party’s Executive Board, any county or legislative district organizations, or affiliated organizations. Alcohol at appropriate venues where ID is properly checked (such as dinner banquets or fundraisers) continues to be appropriate.

Susan Swanson for 7th Legislative District – House (personal endorsement)

Dear 7th Legislative District of WA State and USA Residents,

I am honored to introduce our Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee Chairwoman, Susan Swanson! She is one of the hardest working women I know and I am honored to not only serve with her in our county, but to have grown to know her as a dear friend and generous human spirit.

Susan is stepping up for all women, the families, children, seniors of ourgreat state, the #TheNewBlue and all the neighbors in our great state to run for WA House State Representative for the 7th Legislative District. I honestly can’t think of a better person to turn an old red seat into a seat for #TheNewBlue for WA State!

Since 1974, Susan started out her career in the United States Navy, serving for four years in active duty during the Vietnam era. After her Honorable Discharge, she spent 27 years as aFederal Civil Service Employee and Navy spouse. Her civil service career began with the Department of Navy and brought her full circle to what is nearest and dearest to her; working with the Department of Defense Education Activity(DoDEA), educating children of military, civilian and contractor members who were stationed overseas. Her service to children, families and community continues through today, with her dedication to fighting for better opportunities to access quality education, affordable family wellbeing and solutions to many community challenges or issues.

Being a Democrat is more of a way of life for Susan. She’s a staunch supporter of Democratic ideals and evolving national platform of #TheNewBlue. No stranger to hard work, she participates in both the 7th and 12th Legislative Districts, plus State Democratic meetings. She has been a remarkable leader, serving as Chairwoman of the OCDCC for the Okanogan County Democratic Party, and we are thrilled she is taking this next step to run as House State Representative for the 7thLD.

I’m asking each of you to please join me in supporting her efforts and to make sure she succeeds in securing this seat for #TheNewBlue. Every dollar donated, whatever you can afford – whether as a monthly recurring or single donation, is greatly appreciated and will help Susan cover her campaign costs. Such costs can include those for meetings, trainings, rallies, promotional materials, website, communications, travel and other campaign related items that will be incurred from now through the election in 2018. Making sure Susan has the necessary funding for her campaign, will give her the best shot at winning. So, thank you for whatever your donation is today!

Please share her donation link with family, friends and neighbors – because yours and everyone else’s donations will help Susan in turning that old red seat into #TheNewBlue seat that we all need in 2018!

Be sure to follow her on Facebook too!

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Keiki Stacy Weigle
Vice Chair Technology/Social Media
Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee
Okanogan County Democratic Party
Creator/Founder of
#ResistForGood Indivisible – Against the Trump Agenda

Susan for House! – Home Girl for the 7thLD

You asked for local candidates and the pipeline is filling!

The first announcement is happening right here, right now!

#BREAKINGNEWS from #OkanoganCounty

Our very own Susan Swanson, current Chairwoman of the Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee, is officially running for WA House representing the #7thLegislativeDistrict!!!

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We are so excited proud of Susan for this huge commitment to represent the 7th LD!

Also running in the 7thLD is Karen Hardy for WA Senate

Please join us by coming out to celebrate our new candidates at the Okanogan County Democratic General Meeting & Desserts Potluck on May 20th at 1:30pm in the Brewster High School Library.

Meet some other candidates there too!