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December 2017 PCOs and Members – General Meeting

Saturday-Noon, December 2, 2017 at 13 Tribes Resort Casino and Spa

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Nov 4th Meeting in Twisp

It’s special election crunch time! Come learn more about what your county democratic party PCOs and members are doing! 

Okanogan Democrats

OKDems at Twispworks

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Do you have a way with words and stay active in our county democratic membership organization? We’d love your help writing articles about what we’re working on, calls to action, legislation and local activities.

We also need Spanish speaking writers and translators who can help communicate and do outreach.

If interested, please contact us!

Website Updates

We’ve added social media feeds that live stream the 4th CD and 7th LD Facebook Pages, along with our current OKDem 🙂


Also *drum roll*…

We’ve added a Register to Vote section on the main menu with live links 🙂


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Get Registered to VOTE!

Democrats are committed to expanding access to our democracy because we believe everyone deserves a seat at the table. America is stronger when more people exercise their right to vote.

We’ve provided a new online app that makes it easy for new voters to register from their smartphone or computer, in English or Spanish!

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Maybe there’s a student in your life, someone who’s just become a citizen, someone who just moved or changed their name, or someone who’s had their voting rights restored after incarceration. With just a few clicks, you can help someone in your life have their voice heard, and have their vote count.

Will you take the Register Voters Challenge and e-mail this to a few folks you’d like to invite to register? And while you’re at it, post it on Facebook or Twitter! Let’s go register some new voters today!

Letter to Spokesman Review Endorses Susan Swanson & Karen Hardy!

We are so very proud of our candidates for State House and Senate, Susan Swanson and Karen Hardy!

Change in 7th District

It is time for a change to our representation in Olympia. We have an opportunity this November to replace our 7th Legislative District representative and senator. Our incumbents seem to place investors and corporations ahead of us and our neighbors.

Fall News – Newsletter

Attention OKDems PCO’s and Members!

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Witnessing Logic and Accuracy Tests

On Tuesday, I spent the morning at the Okanogan County Auditor’s office as they performed the required logic and accuracy test on the disabled voter’s polling station. It was a truly fascinating process. Next up: Friday, Sept 22 from 9:00AM to noon, we will witness the l&a test on the rest of the voting apparatus, along with an external auditor from the State of Washington Elections Bureau.

The process was amazingly labor intensive as the clerks used a ‘test deck’ pre-marked to represent every possible vote combination from every race in every district and precinct of the county. When it had all been entered into the disabled voter station, the result was taken by hand on the recording chip and entered into the tabulating machine which was used to generate a paper spreadsheet of the votes cast on a spreadsheet. That sheet was then hand checked against the copies of the original test deck to make sure that the sheet tallied exactly and in order. The ‘air gap’ between machines was created by hand carrying the tabulation from the polling station to the machine in the vault which distributed the results. Neither of these machines are in any way connected to each other, or the larger internet, so there is no chance of outside input. As long as the process is followed precisely by the clerks, the result is certain to be accurate. That is why witnesses are important. We are there to testify to the accuracy both internally (I signed the results) and externally to all of you. At the end, all the results, machine scores, disks, and papers are locked in an evidence box and placed in the vault. It is a long, tedious process. The skill, knowledge, care and integrity of the auditors is truly impressive. I learned a lot!

This process is at the very heart of our democracy and, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance. In this era of Russian hacking, voter suppression, tampering, etc. it is our duty and privilege to stand witness to the fairness of our local election processes. Check our page if you wish to participate.