Take Action

We can’t build #TheNewBlue to #FlipItBlue in Okangogan County without our Members, Contributors, PCOs and Volunteers!

  • If you can join us, please do!
  • If you can donate, please do!
  • If you can help as a PCO, please do!
  • If you can help as a volunteer for a few hours a month, please do!

JOIN as a Member

An Annual Recurring Membership in OCDCC is $50.00 per year and saves you $10.00 per year off a year off our monthly dues through a secure server!

Annual Recurring Membership Annual Recurring Membership

Our Monthly Recurring Membership is $5.00 per month through a secure server.

Monthly Recurring Membership Monthly Recurring Membership

Donate to BUILD

Donate whatever is possible to help build #TheNewBlue in Okanogan County by making a one-time, monthly recurring or annual recurring contribution.

Donate to Build the #NewBlue in Okanogan County Donate to Build the #NewBlue in Okanogan County

Volunteer to HELP

Run or Volunteer for Appointment as a Precinct Committee Officer orĀ an E-Board or Coordinator position, as well asĀ Volunteer to Lead and/or work on a Sub-Committee.

Precinct Committee Officer

Precinct Committee Officers

Other Volunteering

Ways to HELP